The notes below are from the presentation made by Greg Russ, Treasurer,

at St. Johnís Annual Meeting on January 22, 2016.


Notes on 2016 Income and Expenses

 The year just ending was a great year for fundraising, fiscal conservation, and capital improvements. I am exceptionally pleased by the efforts of the Fundraising Committee who exceeded their projected budget by $9706. The work they do was so important to us in keeping our Parish in the black again.

 The Vestry was also a key in the efforts to keep our Parish fiscally sound. Their wise decisions were very significant in maintaining a level keel and staying within budget. The above two efforts allowed us to spend just under $13,000 in capital improvements and still finish the year with $6,571 in the black.

 The upcoming year will see a decrease in funds from Fundraising Committee as we will not be doing $5k Dinner or Harvest Dinner Dance; they will be taking a well earned rest.

 However, we have received a good amount of pledges for this year and have seen an increase in outside support. We will have a balanced budget.

 This coming year will finally see Father Walter compensated at 100 percent. This has taken awhile and we thank him for his patience. We also give a special thanks to Danny for his help with health benefits for Walter, without which we would not be in the black again this year.

 We have established a great track record over the past several years of keeping our Parish in the black, and it looks like 2017 will follow in that path.

 I wish to thank all of you for making my job easier.

Treasurerís Update